Trisha Paytas Needs To Shut Up: Somebody Had To Say It



  1. Trisha has text book narcissism. She tried isolating Ethan from the crew so she could manipulate and control him better. It's always about her, she always feels intimidated by people that "steal" the spotlight from her or whenever something else comes up that's not revolved around her she feels threatened and loses her shit. Idc what anyone else says, she's a vindictive toxic person and needs to be kept in distance from people. She will go far and beyond to destroy anyone in her path that has even the slightest disagreement.

  2. Yes, I love these videos and now feel you need your own podcast 💕

    Also I think they need to consider you as a cohost for Frenemies… I really think you'd do great and it would just be a little less stressful for the H3 crew…

    I actually do like Trisha but… I feel like I can't support her anymore, if it's real (I think it is, bc I feel she does feel what she's saying) but if not, I can't even begin to deal with her again. She really needs to show some accountability in the situations she creates.

    This whole thing is so messy…

    Also, apparently I had to correct my comment bc YouTube doesn't agree with my use of language, so sorry if it's a bit off.

  3. Biggest story on YouTube for a week now….convenient she just launched her skin care and in 2-3 weeks they were gonna have a frenemies merch release. Just saying.

  4. Doesn’t Trisha constantly seek attention and is constantly drumming up “drama” with others – mostly because she fears fading into obscurity. I seen a comment by her on TikTok about Gabbie Hanna (I don’t know who Gabbie is – honestly) and was talking about how Gabbie was always crazy (based on Gabbie’s past videos) or whatever. Yet, Trisha was making really offensive “troll” videos (“We are what we pretend to be…” Kurt Vonnegut) in the past, aired out private disagreements with other creators or significant others… etc. her entire career. I barely know anything about these people or her and even I am aware of how unhinged she seems to behave. It almost feels scripted at a certain point.

    She literally diagnosed herself multiple things to get away from accountability – then goes straight into mocking disenfranchised people (like identifying as a chicken nugget) – then cries about it. She has this or that, but she isn’t is a good actor – both in literal acting and being an honest person. She thrives on scandal and it will eventually get really tiresome.

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