UNDISPUTED – Skip: Packers are ready to replace Aaron Rodgers with Jordan Love!!

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  1. If someone told Aaron Rodgers that there is a team out there that will put him on the 8 yard line with 4 downs to go in the NFC championship game right now, would he go there? Of course he would. That's where he was last season and HE FUCKED IT UP.

  2. Skip bases his opinion on tittles…. ik soccer is a diferent game but i know 2 hand full of players that won major European Club tittles that they had no part on .. so tittles aint everything ( they important) but … WE JUDGE ENTERTAINMENT !!!

  3. The reason the Packers didn't make it too the Super Bowl in the last two seasons is because the defense has been neglected. Mr. Gutekunst is a lousy drafter… he drafted 2 project players in the 1st RD (R. Gary and J. Love) while the Packers were still Super Bowl contenders. If those 2x 1st RDers were for the DL and ILB, the Packers would have been in the Super Bowl last season.

  4. That Pro bowl shit is Bullshit that's voting from fans…Skip is always a Mass Manipulater when it come to stats especially when it comes to Tom…And I'm a die hard bucs fan raised in Tampa bay love Tom but stats don't lie…When it come to Arod Shannon is right

  5. So tired of hearing about Rodgers when the topic is Jordan Love. I feel sorry for this kid but I have a feeling he is going to have a massive chip on his shoulder for all those people who hate on him and say hes gonna be garbage. The dude seemed like he had a ton of confidence and damn he looked good in practice. His throwing motion and everything he does looks like a mirror image of Rodgers. Go back and watch him in college and now look at his form. He literally looks just like Rodgers

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