What REALLY Happened Between Kylie Jenner & Megan Thee Stallion

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  1. This is beyond incorrect! Megan lied because she was to afraid that the police would harm Tory! Megan isn’t friends with anyone involved in the incident because they all refused to give statements and basically left her to defend herself. Kylie and Tory were drunk and flirted with each other based off statements made by him and others.

  2. Wait why did he say “why you trippin?”
    He literally just confessed his feeling for another girl and told the world how excited he was to see her.
    🤦🏽‍♀️it’s okay to be honest but don’t hurt your girlfriend because you wanna entertain another bitch

  3. The fact that he glorified that he had a crush on Kylie makes him automatically trash. I would be mad too, but I believe that Meghan shouldn’t have reacted like that while being drunk. If she felt like he was flirting with Kylie she should have brought the issue up when they sobered up. I believe that she did have a unnecessary huge reaction about it and besides she was drunk so she is not clear minded at all so she will not be reasonable at all. But that doesn’t justifies him shooting her. No matter what he should have never done it, and I do believe he did that. Why would somebody lie about it?

    And the issue with her best friend? Look if my friend fucked a guy before I talked with him, I can’t blame her, but I can blame her for not being honest with me about it. Especially when I have to find out. Personally I don’t want my friends their leftovers to be point blank. But I will be honest if I say that I probably would not let it entirely destroy our friendship that has been there for years. There are more fishes in the sea, but I would put it on a break to clear my head for sometime because trust is trust. And the fact about her friend not saying anything when Tory shot her at first, I wouldn’t too.

    Let’s look at the bigger picture. My friend was just shot. Police came and are arresting us and my friend has to go to the hospital. Should I let everybody know about the incident on social media when it just happened and nothing is clear about what to do or should I wait till I am sure that she is okay and that she feels comfortable to address it on social media? Personally if something like that happend with me i would want my friends to wait so I could adres it myself and that she can back me up. I feel like they pressured Meghan best friend too much while she didn’t feel comfortable to talk about it. Meghan didn’t even address it herself until she heard Tory letting people spreading fake news. Why should her best friend do it if she herself can’t? It’s beyond me. But there could be more behind the scenes that we don’t know so I only can say this much.

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