What's Going On With Twitch & Hot Tubs And Why You Should Be Okay With It

Welcome to my second video! This video talks all about the pools hot tubs and beaches category being added to Twitch. This Twitch news has stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the community and I’m here to talk about why the hot tub meta is actually a good thing!


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  1. I just looked and saw someone doing yoga in a hot tub in a bikini that was definitely too small for her.
    Mature audience flag = off. Twitch doesn't actually care.
    ETA: You can check if a channel has mature audience by opening it in a private/incognito window.

  2. My favorite category generally changes with what my favorite game is at the time. I watched a lot of The Division 1 and 2 streams, back when I was interested in it. Tarkov is my default go to, because I have stockholm syndrome with that game. It's funny cause I don't play much Tarkov, but enjoy watching it.

  3. Making content puts the word out there and gets more eyeballs 😀 appreciate the thoughts/perspective but also the takeaway! I'm still watching streamers like FinestXI in the Tarkov category!

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