Who Is Responsible For This Quavo And Saweetie Altercation Video Being Leaked

in this video, we are going to talk about who is responsible for this Quavo and Saweetie altercation video or who we think leaked the tape to TMZ. Was it someone connected to Saweetie or was it someone connected to the apartment complex, where this happened at.

Today was a day that we all are going to remember for a long time. This Quavo and Saweetie tussle in elevator, not only has everyone shocked but it also has people picking sides on who was wrong in the situation. All couples have problems and this seems like it was an incident that should have been private. But as we all know, nothing is private anymore with the invention of the world wide web and being able to money off of it.

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  1. Real you sounded like you was not sure if you wanted to stay on YouTube stay you have a audience we appreciate your hard work clown squad 😁

  2. You'd think the people who manage the building would be very careful not to leak that stuff… The people who had access to it would potentially be fired and the owner/company sued.

    I think you're exactly right. Saweetie/Quavo camp would have had the tape. Surely.

  3. People will hate me for this but Icy was extremely basic as far as her bars. She's gorgeous and after Quavo she had writers and producers doing all that for her. Under those conditions it's hard to not make catchy music.. but as far as raw talent…. She's just another pretty girl.

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