YouTube Subscriber Giveaway – Details in Description – Thank You Everyone

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  1. My man!! Dude always love watching your videos! You always have great content and with info that everyone can benefit from. Love the way your always giving back to the hobby.
    Thanks for the chance, and keep them pack ripping!!!

  2. Nice giveaway! Not a baseball collector though there's a couple of football cards! Though cards are not easily attainable here on island (1 LCS w/minimal selection). So all giveaways are Exciting! Love your channel contents❤! Thanks and stay SAFE🤙🇬🇺

  3. I've only found 3 channels that are genuine, down to earth & real. Not all the bullcrap that so many put out. Therefore my friend you are one of my 3 subscribed channels 😀. Cheers mate.

  4. awesome stuff in the giveaway, its really awesome that the poeple in these youtube communitys with the giveaways everyone does, and its because they love sports cards and shring that experiece with others in the hobby, keep up the great content

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